Israel Weather Average Temperatures

Commencing in June, summer in Israel runs through to September, with temperatures usually remaining in the 80's (27C) and 90's (32C). Tel Aviv, and Tiberias are typically hot and humid, Jerusalem considerably dryer and cool, especially during the night, while Massada and Eilat is dry and extremely hot, temperatures over soaring to 110F (43C). During summer not a drop of rain falls on the terrain.

In contrast, both spring (late March – to May) and autumn (late September – November) retain more pleasant conditions; in most parts of the country temperatures remain around 60-70F (15-21C) although the areas around the Red Sea and Dead Sea are considerably hotter.  During evening time, temperatures in Jerusalem drop to 40-50F (5-10C). Rainfall is frequent, although not particularly heavy.

Winters in Israel are characterised by their tendency to fluctuate; one year the winter season might be predominantly mild and sunny, turning to severe and overcast the following year. Winter is the wettest season in Israel, with frequent downpours and in January and February some parts of the country experience snow. For most places, temperature hovers between 50-60F (10-15C), but in Jerusalem and the Galilee hills its tends to dip to averages of 40F (5C), even colder at night.

Israel Average Temperature